Monday, June 16, 2014


Relationships!   What do they have to do with bliss?   Fact is, it's hard to live your life in a vacuum.   Yes, there have been those hermits who find satisfaction living alone.   But for most of us, life involves relationships...with family, with friends, with co-workers, with acquaintances, even with pets.

So how are your relationships doing right now? Are they on an even keel or are they in turmoil? Are they toxic or are they supportive?  Do you look forward to continuing with them or do you dread any contact?

Some relationships are here to stay...basically, those with your family.   Although in extreme cases even those can be set aside.   Immediate family relationships are up and down.   Children growing up and going through normal changes cause changes in relationships.   And sometimes you simply have to grin and bear it.   Trust me, though, in the end when they have become adults the relationships get much better.  (Also, you can smile as they raise their children when things are not going smoothly for them...been there, done that!)

Back to bliss:  Bliss and good relationships go hand in hand.   Relationships are supportive when you want to try something different, they are encouraging, they challenge you to be your best, they are there when you need a helping hand or a tissue, they give unconditional compassion AND they want the same from you.   It's a two way street.   So, you have the opportunity to not only receive but to give and that's important because it's a big part of being in relationship.

So this experience of bliss involves relationships.  Take time this week to check out your relationships.   Discover those that are really important to you and make sure you working at keeping them.

So this weekend I had some fun working on drawing with colored pencils.   I have a tendency to draw lightly and add several layers rather than use a heavy hand.   Check out these...

The focus is still organic.   I didn't really like drawing the boxes in the circles but the other two designs were fun...

1.  Lose one pound
2.  Exercise every weekday
3.  Blog every weekday
4.  Continue with Zentangle Challenge
5.  Get trailer ready for Where Bloggers Create blog tour
6.  Sew background together for wall hanging
7.  Write every weekday
8.  Work on AG Class
9.  Begin developing new swap hosting possibilities
10.  Begin developing new class hosting possibilities

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