Friday, June 13, 2014


Friday the thirteen...anyone having any bad luck?  None here so far, but wait...the wind is picking up again.   Honestly, I have never experienced this amount of wind without a hurricane or tornado.  And yes, I have been in both.   But when this wind blows, it's hard to walk and stay upright.  I think the wind could easily be harnessed for energy.

Raise your hand if you have to shoehorn your clothing into your closet?   Come on now, be honest!   How many of you have clothes in your closet that don't fit?   Better yet, how many of you have clothes in your closet that you wouldn't be caught dead in anymore?   Remember those polyester leisure suits?

Well, what better way to simplify your clothing than to take out everything that doesn't fit as well as everything that you would never, ever wear and donate to a thrift shop.   Make two piles.   One for clothes that don't fit and one for those never, ever outfits.

For the clothes that don't fit, be realistic in evaluating if you will lose/gain enough to wear them again.   Unless it is a really, really special outfit, wouldn't it be better to give someone else an opportunity to wear it rather than keeping it for 'sometime in the future'.   By the way, when you lose/gain the needed pounds, you can treat yourself to something new.

For the never, ever pile, why keep the outfits if you can not see anytime that you would wear them.

Now take another look at your closet.   Is it easier to hang up your clothes now that you have removed some of them?   Let's make it easier.   Take a good look at each outfit.   First, ask yourself when you wore it last?   If you can't remember, put it in a pile labeled 'Thinking about it'.

If the outfit has seen it's better days but you have worn it recently, put it in a pile labeled 'In need of a little bit of loving'.   (Yes, I know the labels are a bit odd, but they're better than, 'toss it out' or 'forget about it', aren't they?)  If the outfit fits and you've worn it recently, place it in a 'Keep?' pile.

When you have finished looking at all your clothes, it's time to try on each outfit that you have decided to keep.   How do you look in each outfit?   How does it make you feel?   Do you love it? Is the color right for you?  Is the outfit in good repair?

If the immediate answer to all of the above questions is a resounding yes, hang it back in your closet.   If the answer to all of the questions is no, place it in the donate pile along with the non-fitting and never, ever clothing.

If the answer is half and half, place those in a box and put them away to try on again in three months.

Okay, now that you've finished how does it feel to open your closet and find only those outfits that you love and that look good on you?   The first time I did this, I loved the feeling to know that everything in the closet was great for and on me.   I actually donated about 60% of my clothing but you know, I really only wore the outfits that I kept.  And I'll bet that you find the same.

More organic designs.   I do not crowd the designs together yet as I am trying to get used to drawing them.

In this week's journal page, I added layer upon layer of different mediums letting each layer show through a bit.   It was my answer to this week's prompt...

So, how did I do with this week's goals...
1.  Finish two swaps - done and mailed
2.  Lose one pound  - missed this week
3.  Finish building two more raised beds - finished
4.  Blog all five days -  yes
5.  Zentangle Challenge all five days - yes
6.  Sew the background for a quilt hanging - nope
7.  Walk outside three days a week/strength train
      the other two - yes, actually walked four days
8.  Finalize one personal business need - done
9.  Write daily - yes
10.  Begin organizing craft area for
      'Where Bloggers Create' blog tour in July - barely made a dent
All in all, that wasn't too bad for my goals.   Have to do better on the one pound, though.   And I really need to get busy on the background...maybe this weekend.

Thanks for dropping by...
Have a great weekend...
See you on Monday...