Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Well, the root canal is over.   I had it late afternoon yesterday.   It wasn't too bad, but I needed a pain pill this morning and basically slept most of the day away.   Now, I just have to have the permanent crown put on in a couple weeks and that will be that...thank goodness.

Do you use a glue gun?   I do quite often and really like it a lot but for the most part I use it in connection with other crafts.   I thought it would be nice to collect some videos in which the craft is made by the glue gun.   I have only done a couple of these but am definitely going to try others.   By the way, a couple of the videos are by children!   So here's the list...

Melted Crayon Art with Hot Glue Gun

Glue Gun Snowflake - featuring Miriam Joy

Hot Glue Melts using Molds

How to color Your Hot Glue

How to - Hot Glue Gun Jewelry 

How to Get Rid of the String When Using a Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Gun Crafts:  3D Stamps

How to Make Hot Glue Gun Resins

Glue Gun Stencils

There are many more videos about glue gun crafts on YouTube, but this list gives you a good idea on the different techniques.

I've begun adding words to my journal page...

A NEW (TO ME) DRAWING RESOUCE:  Ficus Comminnes, A Graphite Drawing Instrument
This is the description on the bag:  "Ficus Communis is a beautiful gastropod shell that can be found from North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico.   This shell also known as the Common Fig, is more often referred to as the Paper Fig among Gulf Coast seashell collectors."

And this is what it looks like...

I like to use it to make shadows, especially on my Zentangles.   If you have been following my challenge, you know that I have had problems with shadowing.   Well, this solved the problem.   Tomorrow, I'll show you how it works.

A couple more new designs...

Thanks for dropping in and checking things out today...
See you tomorrow...