Friday, June 6, 2014


Another nice day today.   I managed to get the trellis attached to the fence around the garden area. And I have the plans drawn out to make the most of the lumber I purchased to make the rest of the raised gardens.   Hope to finish making those this weekend.

A frugal mindset.   What an interesting concept.   But what does it mean?   I suspect each of us has their own take on what a frugal mindset means.   Many probably think ‘cheap’ but that would be wrong.   

Cheap is not necessarily frugal.   If you purchase a pair of cheap walking shoes that only last a couple months, is that frugal?   Wouldn’t it be better to purchase a good pair of shoes that would not only last longer but be better for your feet?  Isn’t that a more frugal thing to do?

Take food, for instance.   Certainly you can buy cheap, fast-food.   But a diet of that type of food will most probably lead to health problems that may cost an arm and a leg to fix.   Is that being frugal?  It may cost a bit more in the short run to purchase quality, organic food but think of the health problems you may avoid later on.

There are places where ‘cheap’ may be frugal.   Furnishings, for instance.   By checking tag sales, thrift shops and ads you may save a lot of money purchasing used furniture.   And if it’s an older piece of furniture in good condition, it’s probably better made than what you can find new unless you spend a great of money.

Clothes are another way to be 'cheap'.   Check out next to new, second time around, thrift stores and you can find very nice pieces of clothes at a very reduced price.   Purses, especially.   

One definition of frugal is ‘sparing or economical with regard to money or food’.  I think a better definition of frugal would be ‘understanding the quality of things with regard to time and money and using good judgement when spending either.’   What about you?   Are you frugal?

I've finished this week's journal page.  I ended up covering a lot of what I wrote with paint splashes.    The idea that formed centered around the process of discovery rather than the solution of finding...

SCENES around town...


So how did I do with this week's goals...
1.  The first goal is the root canal - DONE
2.  Lose one pound - DONE
3.  Finish two swaps - FINISHED ONE SWAP
4.  Finish setting up the garden - ABOUT 50% DONE
5.  Posting on my blog everyday - DONE
6.  Sewing together the background for a small wall
                                                           hanging - NOT EVEN BEGUN
7.  Continue my Zentangle Challenge - DONE
8.  Go to the zoo - DID NOT MAKE IT TO THE ZOO
9.  Exercise every week day - DID NOT EXERCISE AT ALL!
10.  Write daily - DONE
Well, I hope to do better next week, especially with exercise but all in all, I did pretty well with my goals.

I hope you have a great weekend...
Thanks for visiting today...
See you on Monday...