Monday, June 9, 2014


One aspect of finding your bliss and following it has to do with purpose, with what's meaningful in life. Your life in particular. As I said, I love New England in the fall. But that's experience, not purpose. And although experience is important (We will touch on that later this month.) a purposeful life can give greater satisfaction.

So, how does one find one's purpose? It may be easier than you think. It doesn't have to be lofty goals or a great deal of education or even an important profession. What it does have to be is something in your very being that shouts out to you...yes, this is it. This is what I am about. This is what I want to do in life.

I know someone who is an assistant cook in a public school and loves their job. Why? Because they can engage, smiling even briefly, with students who may just need to hear someone say 'hi'. I know of another person who left a well-paying job in finance to work with folks living with poverty. Again, why? Because they realized that someone needed to step up to the plate and help those folks. Interestingly, even though that person lives on a fraction of the amount of money than before, contentment and happiness are much more abundant in their lives now.

Only you can find that purpose in your life. Maybe there's more than one purpose. Maybe the purpose changes as your life changes. And maybe it will take many years before it becomes apparent. Some of us are so busy that we never even ask the question...'Is this really what I want to do with my life?',,,until their life slows down. But that's okay.

Even in retirement, asking the question is important. Who know's, maybe that will be the time that you write that great American novel. But you won't find your purpose, your meaning, until you ask the question. So why not spend some time this week considering why you're here...what your life's purpose is?  The answer might be right in front of you...

I began walking outside rather than inside this week.   It is a bit more challenging because it is not a flat surface, but that's good.   Also, by walking on uneven payment, my balance becomes better. But, I can't walk by a flower or an interesting scene without taking a picture.   So, here's today's pictures...

As you can see, mostly wild flowers were on my mind.


Some of my goals are carry overs from last week.   But here are the big ten.   Why ten?   Well, it's a number that stretches my capabilities but is still mostly attainable.

1.  Finish two swaps (I do love swaps!)
2.  Lose one pound (of course)
3.  Finish building two more raised beds
4.  Blog all five days
5.  Zentangle Challenge all five days
6.  Sew the background for a quilt hanging
7.  Walk outside three days a week and strength train the other two
8.  Finalize one personal business need
9.  Write daily
10.  Begin organizing craft area for 'Where Bloggers Create' blog tour in July

That's all for today.   Can you believe that it is almost the middle of June.   Christmas is only six months away!!!
Thanks for checking things out here...
See you tomorrow...