Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Remember yesterday I told you I would go up this 'hill' to take pictures of Bear Lake?

Well, between showers I managed to drive up there and here is a series of pictures to show you how big the lake really is.   The color changes were due to differing sky conditions...

I told you it was big.   You can't actually see the south end of the lake from where I was standing.  It's also beautiful and turquoise blue.   The white line in the middle of some of the pictures is steam rising from the water.  And you can tell where some of the areas were covered by clouds and others weren't. Big sky country isn't just a saying...it's real out here.

My internet connection isn't very good tonight...must be the rainstorm.   So I will end this post now in hopes that I can upload it.

I'm driving back to Park City tomorrow and I will share more pictures from here.   Thanks for visiting.   Talk to you tomorrow...