Friday, August 8, 2014


I saw something quite interesting on my walk this morning.   It was the beginning of a nice day, a bit cool, but with dew on the ground.   Very unusual for here.

Several balloons once again lifted off but none of them got very high.   As a matter of fact, only two made it high enough to cross over the wires and I80, but they descended very quickly once they made it to the other side.

The others didn't even make it high enough to cross.   Two of them landed on the side of I80 between the frontage road and the interstate.  All I can think is that the conditions were not right for hot air balloons flying.

I had the opportunity this afternoon and evening to take care of some grandkids.   I could have let them watch tv or play computer games so I could finish my blog earlier.   But this was a time to lavish attention on them.   So, we put together a puzzle, played a game, made grilled cheese sandwiches and listened to their favorite songs.

Sometimes simple, frugal adventures can be the most lavish and memorable.   Next time you are in a position to share time with others, think simple, think frugal, think fun.   A picnic in the park, trying out a new recipe, playing games, a favorite walk or a good old-fashioned gab session over a cup of tea or coffee.   Don't try to impress, just be yourself and enjoy the time spent with others.

Well, my page didn't turn out the way I had envisioned it, but I like it just the same.  The black marks were made with a permanent marker and the additional colors were made by colored pencils.   By the way, colored pencils on watercolor can really be intense.   I was surprised about that.

I added the word 'welcome' in white.   I auditioned several different colors including black but none of the letters really stood out, so I went with white...

No, it's not finished yet, but I have all the strips cut and a good start on it.   Shouldn't take much more than an hour to finish...

Exercise every weekday - walked four days
Lose one pound - lost 1.5 pounds
Post every weekday on my blog - yes
Get new glasses - picked up
Finish top of wall hanging - not finished
Organize papers - nope

Believe it or not, I had 7 very special times of joy today.   I think I was smiling most of the day. So how are you doing?  I hope there are lots and lots of smiles coming your way.

Have a great weekend...
Thanks for stopping by...
See you on Monday...