Monday, August 11, 2014


So, how was your weekend?   We're getting down to the last few weekends in summer.   And getting ready for school is gearing up all over.   I do remember those days of making sure that the kids had clothes that fit and supplies needed plus maybe something special like a new backpack.

I love this time of year.   I look at it as a time to begin that 'nesting' tradition.   Gathering the last of the garden vegetables to can or freeze.   Decorating for my house that rivals my winter holiday decorations...trips to see the fall foliage, walking on dry leaves that snap and crackle and smelling that sharp smell of fall.   I don't know about you, but I feel invigorated when fall comes around...

Have you ever wept for joy? I have. Many times. I remember seeing a simply dazzling sunset one night in Maine that just took my breath away. Long ago I heard the famous soprano opera singer Beverly Sills and just listening brought tears.

Most of us experience those times of joy that bring tears to our eyes. Tears of joy from relief when a loved one is okay, or when experiencing something wonderful like a great musical performance or beautiful scene (Vermont in fall comes to mind!), or greeting a friend you haven't seen in many years. The list goes on and on.

Some folks think that to show any emotion including weeping is unbecoming in our society, especially for males. I say hogwash! Bring on those tears. They are a great release of pent-up emotions and they show that a person really does has a gentler side. So the next time you see something that takes your breath away, bring on those tears and weep for joy. As Martha Stewart would say, 'It's a Good Thing!'

No this one is not from me. It's from Joshua Becker over at his blog BECOMING MINIMALIST and it's a great one. Check out his post “A Life Changing Challenge: Add One Compliment”. It's a great idea and one that will take very little time and effort, but the results are oh so big.

If you're into meditation you might want to give this one a try.   It's free and it's at the CHOPRA CENTER MEDITATION.  It's the 21 Day Meditation Experience:  Expanding Your Happiness. On a personal note, I use the free phone meditation app 'Living In Love' after I walk each morning.   I'm going to do the 21 day meditation in the evening before I go to bed...make that early morning!!!

I finished the fall wreath made out of fabric scraps.   It's hanging above my desk in Duchess and looks great...

And the paper mache has finally dried.   I decided to glue it to an artist's panel after I painted the panel yellow.   Now I can use it for a mixed media piece.   The second picture shows you how thin the paper mache is.

1.  Lose one pound
2.  Exercise five days (went walking this morning)
3.  Post on my blog every weekday
4.  Get my driver's license
5.  Pay bills :(
6.  Finish organizing Duchess
7.  Sort personal papers
8.  Work on wall hanging

For the past three days:   14 times of great joy
So, how's your joy tally coming?   Are you smiling more?   I am.

There's a new journal prompt posted.
Thanks for reading today...
See you tomorrow...