Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Tuesday's are 'Traveling Adventure Days'.   Unfortunately, today was a relatively quiet, stay-at-home day...quiet that is unless you count the thunderstorms with high winds and rain.   They're still going on at this moment...

I did walk on Monday this week and although not a great adventure, I took some pictures of the latest batch of flowers...Lazy Susans, I believe...

They brighten up the walk immensely

I've been studying for a driver's test tomorrow, written only, I hope.   Just as I needed to get new plates for Lady J and Duchess, I need to get a driver's license for myself.   And this is the first state that I needed to take a test and provide all sorts of documentation!!!   So, I have been reading their 90 page handbook for non-commercial drivers!

What's funny is that I will be turning this in when I move to New York in a couple months.   Oh well, not the best laid plans I've ever had.

Did you check out the challenges I told you about in yesterday's post.   I hope you will consider to do at least one.

And how's this for thinking outside the Zentangle Box?

I can honestly report that I had 6 joyful moments.   I hope you're keeping track of your moments of joy and that your are feeling happier.

Time to go, need to sleep well before the driver's test.
Thanks for visiting...
See you tomorrow...