Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This is where I spent several hours today.   The suggestion was to allow for an hour.   Well, there were only two folks working and while I was there, 37 folks needed help.   37 to 2.

I must say though, folks moved through the system quite easily.   Most of my time was taken up with the written test which for me was open book.   Now, they do not provide books to the public, but you can read it online which I did.   Still, the test was a bit tricky.

However, I did finish it all, passed all the tests and am now in possession of a new driver's license. Well, not quite, the real thing will arrive in four to six weeks!!!   Four to six weeks!!! That's a long time for something which I will be turning in to get a new New York license in a couple months!!!

But that's not the 'Traveling Tuesday' experience.   After I finished, I decided to have a little fun and I drove to Midway.   Now, Midway, Utah is about four miles from Heber, Utah which is about eleven miles from Park City, Utah.

Midway is a tiny town with lots of unique shops.   I had forgotten how cute and inviting it was to visit.   I didn't take pictures of the town, but I did take pictures of one of the shops...
This is what greets you at the entrance to the parking lot...

Peacocks must be big this year because there were several outside 'peacock' ornaments...
Inside you'll find a huge and varied amount of unique items all extremely reasonably priced and some downright cheap!

If you're in the area, Midway is a town to put on your itinerary.   I think you will really enjoy it.

Definitely one for passing and getting my license, but there were a couple more also so the total for today was 5.   You know what, I'm smiling about you.   Are you keeping up a tally?   Is it having an effect on your outlook?   I know it is for me.

That's all today, folks.  
Thanks for checking things out here.
See you tomorrow...