Tuesday, September 2, 2014


One of my favorite fall pictures taken in Minnesota...

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The word for this month is 'ADVENTURE' and the Monthly Thought is 'LIVE YOUR LIFE AS AN ADVENTURE'.

One of the reasons I choose this word is because I am going on an adventure.   Lady J and Duchess are being prepared for travel and we leave in a few short days.

Bittersweet.   It will be fun to be back on the road, but it will be sad to leave my son and his family. It would be very easy to stay here but I fear I may become complacent,  not trying to stretch my wings nor seeking adventure and challenge.   So there will be some tears but also the excitement.

I will be taking you along with me as we travel across these United States back to the east coast with a few stops in Iowa (think quilting) and Indiana (think Iona).   Then Pennsylvania to visit a friend and on to Asheville, NC for a celebration with my daughter.   Back to Maryland for some time for family visiting and finally New York to take time to find an apartment in the City.   And lastly, Maine to find a place for Duchess.

Sounds like a big adventure to me.   How about you?   What adventures are you looking forward to? They don't have to be big like mine appears to be...they can be everyday, ordinary days that you turn into fantastic adventures.   Noticing what's around you on a walk.   Taking a day to visit a favorite place.  Going to a tea house for high tea.   Whatever floats your boat!!!

There's a new prompt posted.   I hope you will think about it the rest of this week.

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I was going to post a list of things to do before I leave, but it was so long that I decided to spare you. One last adventure.   This is what we saw this weekend...
I took the picture with my telescopic lens.   It was in the sky for quite some time.

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Lastly, I wanted to ask you how your Joy Tally went last month?   Did you find yourself a bit happier, sharing more smiles?   I hope so because I did.   

I find that unless I consciously make an effort to remember joyful moments or keep a gratitude journal, I lose track of these most important memories.   I intend to continue making note of them. How about you?

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