Thursday, September 25, 2014


You know the saying...'When it rains, it pours'...(actually, it's also on a salt box but the meaning is far different!).   Well, that's the way I feel right now.   Still haven't gotten anyone to fix the wheel bearings.   As I said, the person who normally services the camp is on vacation.

The other RV place I called kept putting up roadblocks and increasing the cost of the service.   Don't think they want my business.   Someone at the camp is going to look at it this weekend to see about fixing it.  Problem is that it's not just repacking...have to replace the whole thing.

Then, woke up this morning and my shore power doesn't seem to be doing the job.   As a result, my microwave, and anything that pulls heavy power won't work.   Just wonderful!!!   Think anything else can go wrong?  

I checked all the external things like the cords, breakers, fuses and they seem to be working.  I think that the problem may be in the converter...another thing I don't know how to deal with personally.

I guess I should be upset.   I'm not.   I've already arranged to keep the trailer here until it's fixed.   If I move it, I could break the axle.   So, I may leave it here, drive to Asheville for a visit, and drive back taking Lady J but leaving Duchess.

It's no worse than problems with a house...actually, come to think of it...this is my house.   So I will get things fixed when I can.   It's just like waiting for a repair person to come and fix whatever's wrong at a house!  Oh, wait, it's not 'just like', it's 'exactly like'.

On another subject:   Weather.   Can you guess what it did beginning last night and continuing all day?   You got it...RAIN! Can you guess what I haven't been able to take?   You got it again...PICTURES!

And now, I'm having problems with saving and previewing my blog!    It's raining cats and dogs, folks, and I'm out here without an umbrella...someone throw me a life line....PLEASE!

Check back tomorrow to follow the saga...
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Have a great evening...
(Me, I'm going out to dinner...I think I deserve it, don't you?)
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