Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I went to bed listening to the rain. When I woke up in the middle of the night...you know...bathroom run...it was raining. This morning it was raining.

There was a short break of about two hours around noon and then it began raining again. Can you guess what it's doing now? Think wet!!!

So, not to scare anyone, but do you realize how many days until the holidays? Not that many if you're thinking of making things!!!

I wanted to begin working on ornaments and this is what I came up with: A stocking. (Note: The photos aren't too great and don't show how really cute the ornament is.) 

I used white and red sparkly yarn, a crochet hook – size E, a tapestry needle with a rounded point and large eye and a scissors.

It's very easy using only single crochets and chains. I like the fact that by using a single crochet the ornament keeps it's shape AND it is easy to add words using the grid that single crochets form.

The design is also easy and can be adjusted to make it larger or smaller. These are the instructions I created:

Chain twelve
9 Single crochets beginning with the second chain from the end
Chain two, turn
Skip the first single crochet
9 single crochets
Repeat creating a total of 16 rows
On row 17, skip the first single crochet, 9 single crochet, chain 8, turn
16 single crochets beginning with the second chain from the end, chain two, turn
(crocheting all the way across)
Repeat creating a total of 14 rows of the longer length
On the next row, skip the first single crochet, 9 single crochets, chain two, turn
Repeat until you have created a total of 16 rows of the shorter length
Tie off

Using a contrasting yarn and the tapestry needle, embroider a word or design if desired. I choose the word Joy.

Next, fold the stocking in half with the finished word inside and fasten off the sides but not the top. You can use a tapestry needle and the same yarn as the stocking or you can use a crochet hook and single crochet around the edges.

Turn the stocking right side out.

Using a contrasting yarn, single crochet around the top attaching the contrasting yarn to the stocking.

On the second round, single crochet, chain 4, in each single crochet. Tie off. This adds a cute ruffle.

Turn the top down.

You could add small jingle bells or beads if desired.   I will create a chain stitch of about 20 chains and attach to the top edge for hanging.  

That's it.   Really easy.   I made it in a couple hours and that was creating the design.   I bet you could create the ornament even faster!

Tomorrow I will be driving to Statesville, NC. I hope to visit Old Salem Village during this stay.

I'll leave you with this picture of Dale who seems to think that he owns the recliner. It's a constant fight for seating and he is becoming more and more boisterous about it.  Love his crossed paws!

Thanks for visiting...

See you tomorrow...