Thursday, October 9, 2014


Look at what was on the outside of my window this morning...

A lot better than what I have been dealing with lately.  When I arrived at Statesville, it was about 25 degrees warmer than Asheville and guess what was out in droves? You got it....stink bugs. A friend found out that there is a nationwide outburst of stink bugs. How wonderful!!!  Once again, I cleaned the trailer. A lot fewer bugs, but more than I wanted.

On a brighter note, I took these pictures at a rest stop on the way. Simply beautiful...

Another ornament and more fun with the single crochet stitch. This ornament is very easy to make and can be adapted to just about any size wanted. It's a tree. I was thinking that the tiny battery operated lights would look cute. The cords and battery could be hid inside with the lights poking out. Other ideas for decorating include adding beads, sequins, shiny garland etc.

Supplies:  Green yarn, crochet hook size E, scissors.
To begin,
chain 5 and form a ring by chaining into the first chain
Round 1,
5 sc (single crochet) into the center of the chains
Round 2,
2sc in first sc, 1 sc into second sc, 2sc into third sc, 1sc into fourth sc, 2 sc into fifth sc.
Round 3,
1 sc into each sc (total 8)
Round 4 and continuing...
2 sc into first sc, 1 sc into next 4sc, 2 sc into next sc, 1 sc into next 4 sc, and continuing...

This is what the tree looks like after the 2sc in round 4.  It kind of looks like an acorn cap...

At this point turn the tree inside out so it looks like this.   Continue crocheting with the pattern in round 4 above.

Make it as tall as you want. If you want a tree that is fatter, reduce the number of 4 sc into each sc between the 2sc into 1 sc by one and have only 3sc between the sc with 2sc in it.

To finish,
When it is as large as you want, finish it by crocheting 1sc into each sc for one round
Next rounds...
Skip 1 sc, crochet 1sc in the next 4sc, skip 1 sc, crochet 1 sc into the next 4sc, etc.
Continue until you have reduced the bottom of the tree so it curves inward.  If desired, you can continue until there is only a small hole.

If you used red yarn and closed the bottom, then dot with white yarn, it would look like a strawberry!

I'm not the best at writing instructions, but the above crochet pattern is what I created to make this tree.

Tomorrow, if all goes right, I will be at the Old Salem Village in Winston-Salem. I promise pictures...

Thanks for checking things out here...
Talk to you tomorrow...