Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I was really surprised that they named the Nor'Easter.   But I think this storm has the potential to affect lots and lots of folks.   Here, we had a ton of rain all day.   I went to do my laundry and got soaked just going from the car to the laundry.

And water is collecting all over.   I walked through what I thought was a shallow puddle only to have it go over my shoes!!!

I don't think that we will be getting much if any snow here, but some parts of the northeastern corridor are going to get socked but good.

So, no apartment hunting in the city today, only online.   But I have found a few places and have contacted the agents to see about checking them out in person.

I have been making some ornaments.   This is the latest...

Cute.   Only took two colors of yarn and a half inch cut from a toilet paper roll!   Google 'yarn and toilet paper roll winter hat ornament' and you will find lots of pictures and directions.   It's really adorable.

Can you believe that Christmas is only 15 days away?   I have to get busy and make a few more ornaments to send out.   Don't think I will be in an apartment before but who knows.   I'm just enjoying each and every day.

Thanks for stopping by...