Friday, December 26, 2014


How about you?   The big (or little) celebration is over, the gifts have been opened, the meal eaten and cleaned up after and it's time to relax.  

Time to dwell in the warmth of memories.   Time to appreciate the gift of family and friends.   Time to consider the spiritual side of life and to celebrate that spirituality.  

It's also time for football...come on, you know me and my football.   I have been listening to the Bowl games.

I've also run a few errands today like filling the propane tank for Duchess, mailing some bills and doing the laundry.   All very relaxing.   Why?  Because instead of rushing around and trying to get things done fast, I just did them without the hustle and bustle.   And you know what?   It took about the same amount of time.

Maybe I have to consider changing my attitude towards errands.   Rushing doesn't seem to save much time.   I'll have to think about this and find a way to remind myself to relax instead of rush.

So, this weekend will be spent watching or listening to football and checking out the current apartment listings.   Monday, I will go into NYC and travel to the places where I find apartments.  

I have expanded the areas in which I am looking for apartments but I do want to check them out.   So, one of my children who is off this coming week will be driving me all over NYC.   Well, make that parts of Brooklyn and Queens as well as a bit further up Manhattan.

I hope your holiday celebrations were fantastic for you.   Take some time to relax this weekend.   Next week...New Year's!   Can you believe that it will soon be 2015?   Time does seem to be flying by for me.  

Thanks for stopping in...
Talk to you next Monday (late)...