Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Want to see how deep the snow is in Portland, Maine?   Here's a picture out the window at our hotel...

We made it up here just fine yesterday.   And today we went through my 'stuff', sorting out what to take and what to leave.   And I discovered a few things.

First of all, my middle son is just as great at jigsaw packing as I am!   We managed to pack everything I am not taking into a five by five foot storage bin!   And that included all my major furniture plus lots of boxes!!!

Second of all, looking at what I am taking, I realize that I am looking at my stay in NYC as an extended vacation.   In other words, I'm not setting up my home as I usually do.   Interesting! And exciting!  At the same time.

Maybe I am really serious about creating and enjoying everything that NYC has to offer.   What do you think?

The snow piles are so high around here that the bulldozers are climbing them to push the snow!!   Today, after all that work sorting and packing stuff, we went out to dinner at Buck's Naked BBQ.   If you are ever in Freeport, ME, check it out.   The food is great.

Next we load the truck, drive it down and unload it in Brooklyn.   Then I can begin to organize and if weather permits, get back to my NYC adventures.   Keep in touch.   I'll bring you along with me.  

Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you later...