Friday, March 13, 2015


Yes, I did.   I found my colored pencils, markers, etc. and decided to create something.  

But what to create?  
No idea!  
So I wrote down the first word that came to mind...LIFE.
And that reminded me of a favorite saying..."LIFE HAPPENS".
It just kind of bloomed from there...

I realize that I should have taken more photos starting at the beginning but quite frankly I didn't think I would be posting this creation.

It's been a long time coming...playing with my multi-media 'stuff'.   Now that I've gotten my feet wet once again, I think I will be doing a lot more in this area.   I enjoy creating playful pictures.   I also enjoy creating stylized folk art pictures...and collages...and journals...and books...well you get the picture.

This past week was great.   The weather cooperated so I could get out and about...and out and about is exactly what I did.   Everything from walking in the park on the harbor, to traveling to the Bronx for lunch, to checking out The Strand in lower Manhattan to exploring my neighborhood.

And that's just the beginning of my adventures in NYC.   I hope you come along and have fun with me.

And this weekend is going to be busy.   Out to Bethlehem, PA on Saturday and up to Beacon, NY on Sunday.   I'm picking up a couple parakeets...should be fun.

Hope your weekend is also crammed full of fun things.

Thanks for stopping by...
Talk to you on Monday...
Stay well and have fun...