Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Today was a beautiful day.   Although there was a chance of rain, it didn't rain where I was.   It was a light jacket day but in the sunlight, that jacket could have been optional!

I met one of my sons at Time's Square for lunch...
...but as neither of us were hungry, we sat at one of the tables set up in the street and people watched. Looks like the tourist are out.   The agents were also out in droves...asking us where we were from (so they could sell tickets).   When our response was 'here' they apologized and left to find someone else.

I also took time to visit The City Quilter (133 West 25th Street; NY, NY) and I have to say it was truly a treat to see all that beautiful fabric.   There is also a large selection of notions, thread and books. The staff is friendly and helpful.  And they offer a number of classes.  Check out their website (www.cityquilter.com) for a complete schedule.   Here are just a few of the photos I took (with permission)...

If you enjoy swapping postcards, this one looks great.   One of my favorite blogs 'A Creative Dream' posted about it and suggested signing up for the current swap...deadline is this Friday!.   The blog is "Your Heart Makes A Difference' (http://yourheartmakesadifference.com/heart-exchange/) and the current postcard exchange is 'Collaged Kindness'.   Check it out if you're interested.

If you just quickly read the prompt it may not register how much that little statement can really mean: 'Don't take time, make time to create'.  It's a matter of understanding your worth.  

Many articles suggest that in order to do something for yourself like journaling or meditating or creating it's best to find some extra moments here and there.   For instance, get up a bit earlier; or stay up later.   In other words, your regular duties to family and friends and work and household are far more important than your time to create.

NOT SO.   Instead of making time, take time for yourself because you are worth it.   I bet other folks in your household take the time they need to do something that is important to them even if it's watching sports or playing computer games.   Isn't your worth the same as their's?  Yes it is.   So take time to create.   No one ever said, on their deathbed,  that they wished they had spent more time cleaning their house.

So please, take this weekly journal prompt to heart and take time for yourself to create whatever you want.

Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...