Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I didn't make it to the bookstores today.   I decided to first check out the two thrift stores in Brooklyn - Salvation Army and Goodwill.   I got off the subway at the Barclay Center which I have to say is really large and impressive.

But even with addresses and directions it took a lot longer to find both places...altogether I walked a bit over five miles (and climbed five flights!)   By the time I finished at the second place, it was well after three so I headed home instead of to Manhattan.

Both places were clean, well organized and quite large.   The prices were a bit more than I am used to paying but all in all not bad.   I got two brand new wrinkle free men's shirts for about $5 a piece...

which I will be remaking into medium length sleeves and a gathered bottom...much like the shirts I have altered in the past.

I also picked up two pairs of pants, one brand new, and one pair of dress pants that did not appear to have been used much both for less than $5 a piece.   I thought it was a pretty good deal for less than $20.

I'd show you photos of the pants but my camera and the new photo app on my Mac do not like each other.   Hopefully, Canon will be coming up with a software fix to handle this problem because I enjoy using my Canon.   Or, I will have to go back to using iPhoto, if possible.   Have to wait and see.

My journal booklet is coming along.   I am not completing the pages, but putting prompts on each page for someone else (or me) to work on.   Here are the pages I have finished thus far...
Prompt - Questions

Prompt - Secrets with a special place to hide the secrets.

Prompt - New Beginnings

Prompt - Things to consider with a flip up page.

Prompt - Write yourself a letter

Prompt - Where do you want to fly away to.

Prompt - Write a poem or compose a song - two page spread.

I have several more pages partially finished as well as the cover so maybe I can finish up tomorrow as the rest of the week looks like it is rather full.   If not, I'll share what I finish tomorrow.

Update on my plant wall - not great.   I have lost seven more plants.   Not sure what I am doing wrong but I do think that the days have been so cloudy since I planted it that they are not getting enough sunlight.   I have ordered some seeds and I will try those out next.   What's interesting is the plants that shouldn't be doing good, like the tomatoes and eggplants are doing great as are the peppermint and similar herbs.

Well if the seeds don't do well, then I think I will give up on the wall and try pots instead.   Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...