Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Warm day once again.   It didn't feel quite as humid as yesterday.   But, my eyes are really bothering me because all the trees seem to have bloomed out at the same time and the pollen has stayed around probably due to the fog.   But tomorrow the temperatures are back to the 60's and 70's...my favorite. So hopefully, the pollen will disappear.

I managed to create backgrounds on pages for journaling today.  I used both watercolor and acrylic paint thinned with water to achieve the effect I want.   Here are four of them...

Tomorrow my plans include doing some art journal collage.   Stay tuned.

I do have a question.   I was watching an art journal collage tutorial today.   It was quite long and involved and in German!   First, the artist glued down hundreds of items many, if not most, 3D.   My question involved what was used to glue things down.

It looked like a dremel tool.   At first I thought it was a heat gun to apply heat to items with glue already applied on the back.  But as I continued to watch, I realized that it was applying glue but there were no signs (like strings) that it was a regular glue gun type.   Does anyone know what it was?   I sure would like to get a tool and adhesive like this.

Continuing with the collage, once everything was glued down, the artist applied gesso over everything, then several applications of spray paint and ink, finally adding highlights using a brush and applying paint and gold leaf.  It was quite a long tutorial but I was absolutely mesmerized by the process.  And the end result was quite stunning.

I do have several goals for this month.    Among them are exercise and writing.  

I wanted to get back to strength and balance exercising because at my age, those are very important.  
Right now I am using some Jane Fonda exercise DVD's because they include both balance and strength.   I do walk a lot each week...several miles...but I have found that without those additional exercises, I am losing balance and strength.

Actually, if this goes well and I continue as I have been, then next month I would like to add a yoga routine back into my morning or evening schedule, but first, the exercises.

The other goal is writing...a particular type of writing, though.   I have read, as I am sure many of you have, books like 'The Artist's Way'.   One of the exercises they encourage us to include is daily writing.   Kind of like a stream of thought process.   I simply have not been able to do so by hand successfully which is generally recommended.   I start out well for a few days but just lose interest because my mind is faster than my writing.

Well, I finally decided to do it on my computer.   I downloaded a free app - a diary of sorts - and have written for 20 minutes every morning...well, most mornings...I didn't write when the family was visiting.   This seems to be something I can continue with and actually look forward to.  

My goal is that these will become a habit by the end of the month so I will continue.   Wish me luck. More goals later...

Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you tomorrow...