Monday, June 1, 2015



I decided to try a different (for me) type of fabric art wall hanging...

I first wove the background on a piece of batting.   The vertical strips were torn (and ironed) and horizontal strips were cut.   After adding a backing I sewed around the piece and then a straight stitch down several places.  I then added some crocheted pieces, tapestry, lace and ribbon...

I enjoyed doing this very much because it is so different from my typical projects.   It's more of a soft, pastel abstract piece of artwork.   I think I will continue working in this style for some of my projects.

I consider this a practice piece.   And I have already figured out a way to handle some of the problems I encountered.  For instance, next time I work with a woven background, when I stitch it, I will use the darn/quilting foot so there is less drag on the fabric.

Have your ever created artwork in this style?   Did you enjoy doing it?  I'm happy that I tried it because I know I will be doing it again.

While reading my blogs, I came up with a few things that you may want to take part in...

- Karen is once again hosting the "Where Bloggers Create" at My Desert Cottage.  Bloggers share photos of their studio.   Check out her site for all the particulars.   It's a lot of fun.   I have entered several times.

- Linda is hosting a Handmade Gift Exchange this summer over at Craftaholics Anonymous.  Entry deadline is very soon.   Once all the entrants are in, they are paired with another crafter whom they get to know via e-mail and then create a gift for.   Great way to get to know other crafters and, of course, have fun making something.

- ICAD (Index Card A Day) began today.   It's lots of fun and stretches your imagination.   Check out all the particulars over at Daisy Yellow, pick up a pack of index cards and start creating.

- Bebe is hosting the Painted Guru which sounds like a great idea.   Check it out the link to find out about this project.

It was a cool (high in the mid 50's) wet, windy day today.   And tomorrow promises the same.   I didn't venture out today and I probably won't tomorrow.   Actually wore a sweatshirt to keep warm!

Thanks for stopping in...
Talk to you tomorrow...