Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Well, all the good wishes and best of luck took.   I figured out how to get to Bushwick via the subway but it did entail walking several, and I mean several, blocks in really hot - make that blazing hot - weather.  I was literally dripping wet by the time I got to the station.  No need for a shower...

Lady J was parked in back.   They had to move several cars to get her out but out she came.   What they found was no water in the radiator.   What?   Where did it go?   That they couldn't figure out because the reserve was full.   Ahhhhh...that makes no sense.   No it didn't.   They couldn't figure it out either.

So what did they do?   Filled up the radiator and let the car run all afternoon with no loss of fluids. Okay.   I'm not really comfortable with this but I took Lady J home...successfully.   No problems.   Best of all, I found a parking spot and it only took three tries to get it parked.   Far from perfect but parked!!!

So what do I do now?  I guess I will check the radiator every morning to see the fluid levels.   If the fluids are okay, thinking positively, I will take off BUT with lots of antifreeze with me.   If not, then I will check out a service garage that I used upstate to see what they think.

This evening I made it to Manhattan for dinner and a party at Bar None celebrating one of our friend's who is a bartender at Bar None graduation.   He earned his Masters and is now going to be teaching in NYC.

I made it there just before the heavens opened up and dumped rain by the bucketful down on all of us along with a very close and beautiful light show followed by extremely loud percussion.   It swooped in and swooped out leaving 100% humidity in it's wake.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be uneventful and I can finish getting ready...you know all those little last minute things that can literally drive one crazy like laundry, getting keys made, rearranging the apartment, cleaning out the...well, you get the idea.

Thanks for visiting...
I promise you once on the road, I will share photos of places I am visiting.   But I didn't think you would enjoy pictures of a car radiator, or the Belt Parkway backed up...just not very inspiring!
Talk to you tomorrow