Friday, May 13, 2016


The above picture was taken during my walk in the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The purple was so vivid that I took several pictures to make sure I could capture their intensity.

Today has been a wet, rainy day.   It's also a day that I needed to do my laundry which is still hanging up but not quite dry.  I may have to resort to using the dryer during the summer.

I thought I would share why I picked up the books that I purchased last week.

The Quirky Quilting book had three quick projects that I probably could have figured out myself but at $2, I thought it was a good buy and would save time.  One project is called Indigo Nights which I really love.   Another project is called The Wacky Tacky Bag.  The third project that caught my eye was a Yoga Bag which had a unique design.   When (if?) I get them done, I share the results.

The Sew Darn Cute book has a ton of projects, simple but really cute, that I want to try from making a narrow scarf (I am partial to narrow scarfs.), to remaking a sweater, to a cute wall hanging.   Well, you get the idea, it's crammed full.

Why did I pick up The Creativity Workbook?  Not sure, I'll let you know about that one later when I figure it out.

Anonymous Was A Woman is an older book about women folk artists and how most of them are anonymous.   It's very sad to think that some of the beautiful art works in this book have no artist name attached.   I am planning on visiting the American Folk Art Museum this coming week so this was a bit of preparation for the visit.

The Landscapes and Illusions book have two beautiful landscapes that I plan on making as gifts.   I was so taken by them that I have begun to pull out fabric already.

So, as I said I did the laundry today and I also worked on blocks for the guild.   The blocks are paper piecing so easy right...well, not so fast.   I partially finished one and then went back to make sure I was doing everything right.  WRONG!  The instructions were to work on the wrong side of the paper. I worked on the right side.   Now I am looking for my seam ripper which appears to be lost...

Tomorrow is guild day so I will be spending all day in Manhattan. Stormy weather is forecast but I plan on going anyway.   I hope whatever you have planned for this weekend includes time for your creative ventures.  

Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you next week...