Thursday, July 21, 2016



As promised, some more flowers from around the area...

Someone asked me what type of camera I am using? Well, on these little impromptu walkabouts I just use my phone camera.   I have a 6 Plus so it is easy to see the photos. I have to say it takes excellent pictures. When I am doing big shoots; however, I do use my large camera.

Well, the temperature today reached 88 so far and I think that will be the high for the day.   Tomorrow 95 and now Saturday is forecast for 99!!!  Sounds like a day to just relax and maybe read a book or watch some of my favorite PBS cooking and crafting shows.

I did mini-clean and rearranged the apartment today in anticipation of folks visiting this weekend.   Brought the rocking chair back into the living room area.

I am moving the cat's wet/water special food from morning to evening.   They are not liking it but when I leave next week my son will be taking care of them which means they will get their special food in the evening and not in the morning.  So I am getting them used to it.

I can't believe that the end of July is close at goodness, this summer has flown by rather fast.

This evening I will be refashioning the shirts I purchased at Goodwill several weeks ago.  I like to cut the shirts lengthwise so they come just below my waist and then add elastic in the hem.  I will also cut and hem the sleeves so they are short rather than long.

And I have two pair of pants that I never wear so they will be turned into shorts.   All my current shorts are quite old and looking rather 'tired'.   

I have been browsing through my magazines, tearing out any articles (only three so far) and pictures (a lot more that three) of interest for fabric landscapes.   I haven't done too much reading but that may change this weekend.

I know I have to begin getting ready for my trip west but I don't think that it has really sunk in that I will be leaving a week from tomorrow.

Something I haven't been doing is any creative activities.  I just can't get my act, that's not really right...I don't really feel like crafting.   I am so far behind in the tag challenge that I think I will just suspend it until I get back from my trip.   I'm thinking it may be the heat of summer.  

Of course, I do have my grandchild here and we get up rather early, 5:00am, four days a week because he gets picked up for the ride to the Bronx at 6:00am.  And then there's cooking and cleaning clothes washing and academic assignments to make and check, etc.  

I haven't had a child living with me for several years so that may be it.  Don't get me wrong, I am having a ball with my grandchild around. I'm even playing Pokemon Go!  And we go on hikes and picnics, etc. when it's not hot as heck.

Thinking back, I really don't remember doing a lot of crafting in the summer other than with the kids. Interesting!  Well, I'm not going to worry about it...just going to go with the flow right now...

That's all for today...
Talk to you tomorrow...
Stay cool...