Monday, July 18, 2016



You know, I painted this picture years ago...really at least several decades.   I've never framed it but I have to say that it is still my favorite, if somewhat primitive painting.  (Well, after all, Grandma Moses is my favorite artist!)

I've always kept it, and still do, somewhere in the vicinity of my studio.   I remember that it really took quite a while for me to paint it because painting was so new to me.  

I think the whole mystic of New England still stirs me deep within my soul. And that may be why I like the painting. Not that I want to return to an earlier era, I actually love living in my time - warts and all.   
But I appreciate some of what I imagine in that picture.   Self-reliance.   But, truth be told, we really need community.   So, I guess self-reliance in the midst of folks.

I also like the closeness to nature that is necessary for family farming.   Now that may be a bit unexpected from someone who loves New York City.   But, you know, if you look, nature is everywhere.

Take this week's journal prompt...Lose yourself looking for four leaf clovers.   Each of you can interpret that in your own way but what I think about is lollygagging (Now that's a word from the past if I ever heard one!) in nature.  

Sitting down on the grass and looking for that elusive four leaf clover and enjoying the birds chirping, feeling the soft grass on your hands and watching the clouds gently move across the sky.    

In other words, slowing down to appreciate the present and doing so in nature! July is the perfect month for lollygagging!   You still have August to get ready for school and June is a memory of blurred activities ending things like school and beginning things like gardening.  So relax and enjoy July.

On the home front, I had another visit to the dentist today on one of the hottest days of the year. Some work was done but for the most part, I don't have to go back for a couple months.  

It was so hot that I took advantage of something which I have never down before...home delivery of groceries.   I could have gotten Lady J and shopped but I realized that I would still have to carry everything out to the car and then into the apartment.  And the fact that there is no charge other than tipping the staff who brings the food, I decided it was well worth it.

So, I went and shopped and then walked home with just a few perishable items and waited for my groceries!!!   I could get used to this.  There were lots of big heavy items like kitty litter and drinks, etc.

A storm came through and uprooted lots of trees around here. Lady J escaped any damage but my son's truck wound up under one of the trees.   Frustrating insurance coverage.  

City doesn't cover even though the trees are in a public park and insurance didn't cover because of 'act of god' clause???  Interesting. The truck will be usable after the windshield and side mirror are replaced but there are lots and lots of new dents and scratches all over!!!

Well, that's all for tonight...
And I want to publish this before midnight...
Thanks for visiting...
Talk to you tomorrow...