Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The purple in these flowers is really brilliant.  I'm wondering if they are weeds or cultivated flowers.

The water reservoirs around here which were down last year are quite full now due to the unusual rain storms they have had this past year. Heavy downpours.  Looks like Louisiana is suffering from the same abnormal rainstorms.  And unfortunately for Louisiana, there has been a lot of flooding and loss of life and property.

Global warming, one of the results of which is more and more abnormally strong storms.  Hey folks, we need to get serious about this...

In reading the blogs I follow, I was really struck by an article written by Amy over at Pikaland titled 'Things Money Can't Buy'.  She states, "The thing about money though, is that it doesn't buy you freedom...you're a slave to it."

Boy, does that resonate with me.   I remember times when money was so scarce that I wondered if we would be able to feed and cloth the kids and still pay our bills.  Thanks to friends, garage sales and garden produce we made it.  And you know what, our kids never really knew how poor we were.

I'm not really into purchasing the latest style.  As a matter of fact, I do most of my shopping at thrift stores.  I probably spend too much on fabric (check out the picture later on!) and I do like my electronic gadgets like my iPhone and Kindle.  But, I just downsized to a smaller apartment which is bucking the normal trend.

I think Amy has it right. When we are so consumed with how much money we have and what we can purchase - Keeping up with the Jones - we do not own those things and that money.  They own us and we become 'a slave to it.' as Amy said.

Something to think about...

But speaking about spending.   I wasn't planning on staying this long out here so I didn't bring any fabric.  Well, my workshops were being advertised so the guild wanted a sample.  The first workshop was originally "Horizontal Landscapes' so I purchased fat quarters for that workshop.

Then the workshop schedule was changed so that the 'Pumpkin Wall Hanging' was first.  Back to the quilt store for more fat quarters.  The one good thing was that they are only $2 and if you purchase 10 you get an additional 2 for the same price.  Well, this is my combined purchases of fat quarters...
YES, way too much but let me tell you, this is fabulous fabric...not what you would get at the calico wall in some craft stores.  I know I will be able to use all  these fat quarters.

So now I have to pick out the background fabric using greens and then the pumpkin fabric using oranges.  And as I have no sewing machine, it will all have to be done by hand.  And it all has to be done and in the mail within the next week!!!  I'll let you know how things work out.

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