Thursday, August 11, 2016


I may not want to ride in one, but they are beautiful to watch...

So, I woke up this morning to an early phone call from my apartment complex.   My old apartment has been rented...could I be out by the last week of September???  Of course, I said yes!!!  And immediately texted my two sons who live in NYC to save the weekend of the 17th for moving. Things are really moving fast.

One excellent feature about the move is that my old and my new apartments are on the same floor!!!   I just walk from one end to the other.  Can you believe it?

I have settled on a couple things to purchase.   Basically, the daybed, the bedding set for the daybed, a new area rug and a heavy duty large cart.

Also, I know that I will need additional storage space but I even have that figured out.   It may sound a bit funny, but I will place the boxes I need to store away (until I can go through them.) up against a wall at the end of the L shape area which is where I plan on setting up my studio.  In front of them I will be placing three or four (not sure of the size) pieces of three inch 4' by 8' sheets of insulation. I will hinged them together with duct tape and I have plenty of fabric to cover them.  

The really big plus for that is that I can use them for a design wall.   When I rearranged, I lost my design wall.   Now I will have it back!!!

The cart will be for all my woodworking equipment.  I have lots of tools and things like a small bandsaw, a drill press, round sander, etc. These are for small projects, not large ones.   Now I will have access to them.  And I plan on making a cover when not in use.  Quite frankly, they are taking up a lot of storage space.

Mostly what will be left are Christmas decorations, quilts, empty plastic crates plus the odd boxes of things that need to be sorted as well as a couple boxes of photos.

I'm really excited about this move folks...can't wait...

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