Friday, August 26, 2016


An errand running I did go, an errand running I did go, hi ho the merry....well you get the idea. Lots happening today from running errands to cooking for the family plus.   (You know, most of the time there are several more sitting around the table for supper.)

I made an old standby that the kids love.   Basically, I sauted some ground beef and onions, added it to baked beans (canned), put it in the oven until bubbling hot.  Then I topped with canned rolls (cut in half) and finally cheese.   Bake in the over until the rolls are browned. Quick and easy.

I also worked on a writing project and the woven wall hangings, and then I collapsed.

Not much planned for the weekend, so I hope I can just relax and take it easy.   Hope you can to...

Talk to you on Monday