Tuesday, September 6, 2016


No, none of the pictures in this post are recent...they are some of my favorite fall pictures.  But, the weather here in Park City is cool enough (38 this morning) to feel like fall.

So, are you enjoying cooler weather where you live?  Has the fall foliage begun to show itself?  I am taking the grandkids to school this week and I see that the cool weather has begun to touch the trees in the mountains.

The college football season began in earnest this past weekend and there were quite a few upsets as well as some really great games like the Sunday evening and Monday evening games.  And the NFL season begins on Thursday...can't wait.  (Those who have followed my blog know I am a football fan.)

So how did you spend your Labor Day Weekend? Monday evening, I was watching Interstate 80 (We can see it from the house.) and it was backed up going West into Salt Lake City.  The travel trailers and RV's outnumbered the trucks which is really unusual.

I'm still working out the new apartment layout...things will be going fast once I get back to NYC. But one thing for sure, it will be decorated in the season of orange.

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