Friday, November 25, 2016


Grant us the grace to change what is easy,
The courage to change what is difficult,
And the wisdom to see the need for both.

I worked on some fabric projects today, as well as some writing projects. Remember this photo?

Well, I have taken the next step on this sample. Putting on the houses...

Next I will add the rest of the elements which make this a 'Happy Village'. If you like these landscapes, check out Karen Eckmeier's book Happy Villages.  She writes very good instructions as well as provides diagrams and lots of pictures. (Note: I have no connection with Ms. Eckmeier, I just enjoy her projects!) 

We had more folks who wanted to try a round robin but one of the participants got sick and couldn't follow through, so, I went ahead and became the third party. That makes two round robins that I belong to. Here's my center block for the first group...

Here's the center block for the second group,,,
This one is not quite finished. I am going to add a circle in the center, just have not decided on the color yet. I want it to stand out but not jarringly. I'm thinking of bright purple. What do you think?

Not many days left in November. But there's no reason that you can't continue making note of something each day that you are thankful for. Remember, you don't have to write it down, journal about it, tell anyone. Just make note of it to yourself.

So today I am thankful for...of all things, leftovers. Yes, I did say leftovers. First of all, they mean that I had the ability to purchase food for the big Thanksgiving meal. But, second, I don't have to cook for several days. I can freeze food in single portions and take them out later. So, yes, hurrah for leftovers.

There so much coming up that many of us are beginning to freak out. Decorations, gift purchases, another big meal to plan for (I am going to have to have my main dish shipped...I can not find anyone in NYC who sells it, believe it or not!!!), getting the house ready for guests, parties to give and/or attend, and lots of volunteer activities.

Best thing to do right now is take a big, big breath and then let it all out. You may need to do it a couple times in order to calm down. 

Now, get out a notebook, calendar and pencil. List all the things that need to be done. Note I said 'need' you really need to paint the living room or deep clean the house or bake enough cookies to feed an army?

Once your list of things that need to be done is finished. Take a good long look at it. Now, underline the things that you really want to do and that will make this holiday season something to be enjoyed by everyone in the family. 

What's left? Some of them will have to be done, but I bet some of them can be crossed off the list at least for now.  (Again, you can paint that room after the holidays when there's not so much on your plate.)

Once you have pared the list down, take out your calendar and make notes as to when each item can be begun and/or done.

Then it will be a matter of just following your calendar. Yes, I know that it all sounds too easy, but getting a handle on what you want (and need) to do is the first step to stop worrying about it. You now have a roadmap and a way to get it all done.

That's if for today, folks...
Have a great weekend...
Talk to you on Monday...