Monday, November 28, 2016


Grant us the grace to change what is easy,
The courage to change what is difficult,
And the wisdom to see the need for both.

Well, this day didn't quite go as planned.  I needed to drive out to Valley Stream to Walmart to pick up my meds. Why Walmart? Well, when I was on the road with Duchess, it was the only place that was nationwide where I could pick up my meds.

Now that I am settled for a while at least in NYC, I will be changing that but as I haven't yet, I needed to drive out. It's not that far but with traffic today...lots of road construction...the trip took about an hour and a half - BOTH WAYS!!!

Now, I got there a bit early thinking that maybe I could do a little shopping.  WRONG!  I couldn't even park in the parking lot and it's a very big parking lot. I had to park in the Home Depot parking lot. It was an absolute zoo. I quickly changed my mind about shopping, went to the pharmacy and, of all surprises, no one in line, picked up my meds and out the door I went.

I only needed to pick up a few things (like felt and fabric) most of which I could get at Michaels which was about two blocks away. Michaels was also crowded but not like Walmart. I found my things quickly and because all the cashiers were open, even with a long line, it only took about fifteen minutes to check out.

So, since it is cyber-Monday, I decided to join the crowd and do my shopping on line. I am happy to say that about half of my Christmas shopping is done!!! The prices were great and there was very little wear and tear on me...just a little finger action on the computer keys.

Only two more days left in November after today. I hope you are still thinking about one thing each day to be thankful for. Today, I am thankful for the beautiful, warm, sunny day that greeted me when I went out to Lady J. And you know what, even though it's going to rain tomorrow, I am thankful for that too because we really need rain here.

So, have you begun your plans yet?  Me, neither. I wrote about them in the last post, but haven't really sat down and written up a list. That's on tomorrow's to-do list.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving...
Thanks for stopping by...
Talk to you tomorrow...