Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Do you remember this McDonald's commercial? I loved it which is why I have a plate celebrating the commercial. It always brought a smile to my face and a warm feeling in my heart. Commercials do that for me...good commercials that is.

Take this year's Apple commercial where the Frankenstein Monster type person records a song and than goes to sing it in front of the community. In the long version, he begins singing, his neck light goes out and he stops, embarrassed, a little girl comes and starts the light and then everyone joins in singing with him.

The Macy's santa balloon commercial where Santa winks at a little boy and always stops as the boy grows into a man, then has a family, and then grandchildren and finally, the spot is empty so the balloon Santa goes to find the now elderly man sitting at home. When the Santa finds him, he winks and then goes on his way.

Yeah, I know, commercials are very good at eliciting the right feelings for their product. And I know the whole reason behind commercials is to sell. But there's no reason that we can't just enjoy commercials and the feelings they evoke. We can just enjoy the commercial for what it is...a short story of the best of our nature.

And that brings me to JOY! Yes, for many, this is the season of joy. Now, joy for me is a very deep abiding love in my soul for all of this wonderful creation that we have been gifted. That includes things and folks we like and things and folks we don't.

I'm not talking here about a feeling that we just all need to get along together. No. What I am talking about is that understanding that we can have joy and an appreciation of creation but still be in complete disagreement with others especially when what they do is simply wrong.

If I allow all those feelings of, well, hatred and hurt to take over my life, then I'm admitting that those feelings win. I choose to live my life in joy even as I work to bring about justice and peace and goodwill toward everyone.

Living my life with joy in my heart gives me the ability to work even harder to right a wrong, help those in need and care for our world. So, when things get you down, especially the political events, don't despair, find that joy within you...maybe with the help of a commercial or two...

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