Friday, March 31, 2017


Feeling a bit anxious? Not sleeping well? Munching constantly? Unable to concentrate? Muse on vacation?

Well, folks, join the ranks of millions who are feeling the same way. Even folks who are not paying attention to the political chaos are feeling uptight.

Do you remember Imelda Marcos? Her legendary collection of shoes? Over 3000? Well, I keep waiting for and watching the other shoe to drop from this administration. I have come to the realization that they have one thing in common with they keep on keeping on...dropping, that is!!!

Folks, we have not even finished the first 100 days of this administration and shoes are dropping like acorns in the fall.

There are only a couple ways to handle this situation. Totally ignore everything that's going on. Of course, you may have to visit a deserted island to do that.

Or, better yet, get involved. Join a political group with the same interests that you have. Make monetary contributions to organizations that you support. E-mail, telephone or write and mail your representatives about your concerns. In other words, don't just fret about it, do something.

Well, today was a disappointment of sorts. I wanted to visit Macy's Flower began raining late last night and it's still raining (at 6:30pm). And it's suppose to continue well into tomorrow.

So, I washed clothes. As I didn't have any quarters, I pulled out the portable small washer and the spin dryer which I used in Duchess and at my home in Maine.  They still worked. And I found a great place to dry my clothes...the bathroom. The pipe which sends hot water upstairs is in my bathroom so it's always warm. Clothes washed, dried and put away!

My weekend plans include quilting the Southwest Landscape, finish listening to Plato's Republic and working on a couple more large scrap blocks. So what are you going to do? Make sure to include something that you really enjoy doing...

Thanks for dropping by...
Talk to you next week...