Monday, April 24, 2017



What a busy weekend...On Saturday, the ArtExpo which was great.  Sorry, no pictures. They didn't say no to taking pictures but they did discourage it so I choose not to take any. If you have never been to this event, let me tell you, it is LARGE!

The venue was Pier 94 and it was crammed full of hundreds and hundreds of artists. To give you an idea, one of the folks I wanted to visit was Seth Apter. He was number 618...number six hundred eighteen!! Both individual artists and corporate representation booths were set up. I stayed with the individual artists mostly.

There were several aisles which ran the entire length of the pier with booths on both sides. The artists represented a wide range of paintings, assemblage, sculpture, etc. Toward the end of the five hours, I begin to experience sensory overload. I think next year, taking two days rather than seeing it all in one day may be better.

It was wet and rainy on Saturday so on the way back to the subway, I stopped by Starbucks and even scored a place to sit which was crazy because the place was packed. I have discovered their cold brew and I love it. So I sat back, enjoyed my cold brewed coffee along with a cranberry/orange scone and people watched.

Another wonderful event was the Science March. The rain didn't even make a dent in the enthusiasm!


Sunday was sunny and warmer but not hot. So after church I walked about the Court Street/Atlantic Avenue area which, of course, included Barnes and Nobles and Michaels. Lots of folks were out and about and the spring flowers were beautiful...


Today was Auspicious Stitches day. I finished adding beads to the quilted weaving project. And I finished another fabric scrap collage. Photos of both tomorrow...

Because the 23rd Street stop is having some construction issues, I usually get off at Union Square on 14th Street and walk up to 20th Street to the library where we meet. On the way back to the subway, I stopped at The Strand Bookstore which is probably the largest used bookstore in Manhattan. They had an outside sale going entire block of carts full of books from $1 to $5. Cart after cart after cart. And it even went around the corner!

Tomorrow is a Bronx day for lunch at the restaurant. Wednesday, I have my last doctor's appointment from my cataract surgery. I will finally get the scripts for my new glasses.

One of my goals this year was to walk a minimum of 15 miles a week, Sunday through Saturday. I have managed to do fairly well with this, except right after the cataract surgery. I already have 7 miles this week. With two more trips this week, one to the Bronx and one to Mid-town Manhattan, I will easily get to 15. And that doesn't count the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on Saturday!!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful, restful weekend...
Thanks for stopping by...
Talk to you later...