Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Aren't these tulips beautiful? I wish this photo was taken this week but so far I have only found three tulips open in my area. This photo was taken in Utah during the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. If you are in the area and want to see some beautiful spring flowers check it out. The festival continues until May 6th this year and it's worth the price of a ticket. free if you're a member. (And please note, I have no relation with Thanksgiving Point other than visiting and enjoying it!)


I was surprised to learn that folks did not know the benefit of that little 'strawberry' attached to the 'tomato' pin cushion.  It's called a strawberry emery and by sticking your pins and needles in it, they are cleaned and sharpened. And if you use fusible fabric in your creations and either pin or hand sew, you know that the adhesive can stick to your pins and needles. Stick them in that little strawberry emery a couple times and presto...they are clean.


The workshop was lots of fun with lots of folks in attendance. I called it Kindergarten for Adults. I showed some examples of embellishments, pointed out some pictures in a couple books, put everything on the table and let them have at it.  

I always intend on taking photos but I am on my feet all two to two and a half hours checking things out, making suggestions, showing someone's work to the rest, etc. So I never remember to stop and take photos.  

There was a time discrepancy in the newsletter so some folks who signed up came too late to begin. Since it wasn't their fault, I told them I would make up packages for them to enjoy. This is what I included...
felt, fabric, decorative yarn, lace, ribbon, beads, and buttons (several of everything). They only need to add needle and thread. I think they will have fun playing with everything, don't you?


One of my favorite magazines is Art Quilting Studio. In the Winter 2017 there is a fantastic article called 'Quilted Weavings' by R. Paulette Lancaster that just captivated me, especially the pictures. I would like to share one with you but that's not legit, so I will just say that in the one I love, the author first quilter a piece of whole cloth and then added an extremely unique weaving using fabric scraps, yarn, string, beads, etc. 

Yep, that's another new project for me. I am picking out the background first. I wasn't sure if I would do any quilting on the background piece but I have decided to do some...probably not patterns, more free flow meandering.

The exciting part for me is the weaving. Stay tuned for that part...I already have several things picked out for it.

Well, that's all for today...
If you celebrate Passover, 
    I hope you have a blessed one and enjoy being with family and friends.
Tomorrow's forecast is rain, so I expect another trip to PA
Talk to you later...
Enjoy your evening...