Thursday, May 18, 2017


Another hot one today...outside my window it was 95. And tomorrow promises more warmth before the cool down to the high 50's and low 60's this weekend. Temperature swings like this are really exhausting but some really beautiful flowers bloom.

So, today I spent the day catching up on my reading in preparation for a conference call with friends tomorrow. It's a very large book and in my opinion, most of it has a tinge of pessimism or negativity. The last chapter I read, though, was full of promise...that is if we as a human race can survive.

Part of the book dealt with change, both in the past and current. One thing we can see is that most folks fear change. I never got that...without change, life is basically dead. I can see that people may be uncomfortable with change.

Heck, if I'm truthful, I am uncomfortable with change. Losing my husband wasn't a fun time by any stretch of the imagination. Learning to live on my own wasn't always fact there were times when it was downright scary. But, I would still rather live through and experience that change than curl up and call my life over.

So where are you in this question of change? Uncomfortable? Do you do anything to avoid change? Or, do you welcome change and the opportunity for new adventures?

I think right now our nation is on the verge of a possible big change. Even more than when we experienced the Nixon drama. And for some, this change is really scary.  Others may feel it's about time. But for most of us, I think we finally woke up to the fact that if we want a nation to reflect a moral compass then we have to change our habits, our timidness, our apathy and get involved.

What do you think?

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