Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Button, button, who's got the button? Remember playing that as a child? (Yes, I know that in today's parlance that phrase takes on a very different meaning!)

I have been working on plans for the holiday party next December...yes, I really am...and one of the things I want to include is a jar of buttons. Folks will be able to guess the amount and the closest will win something...right now I am thinking of a travel iron and foldable ironing pad which has been so useful this year in my workshops.

I also want to make a couple favors to give out...for all 200 members. The first one is taken from what I did on my last workshop on fabric scraps...a bookmark.

The bookmarks above had scraps on only one side. Some of the folks at the workshop suggested covering both sides and I like that idea.

So what I have done to streamline the process is first use cardstock weight paper. I applied Heat and Bond to both sides. Then using a paper cutter, I cut the shapes. They are a bit wider than those above, but shorter.

I have found that my small iron (bottom right on the piece of granite) is really helping this process because I can use it on each piece to lock it in place.  I already have 50 completely covered front and back.

Once they are done, I am going to brush on a finish coat of Diamond Glaze, then punch a hole and add decorative yarn. What do you think? I think they are a winner.

I have two other favors that I am working on...a finger pincushion which is quite simple to make plus a needle/pin booklet.

Ambitious? Well, look at it this way...I have a long time to get them done and at the rate I am doing the bookmarks, they will be done before the next quilt workshop in June. That will leave a couple more summer months to finish the rest of the favors!!!

So, another shoe dropped today, not to mention the 362 point fall on the stock market, and it looks like a special prosecutor has been appointed.

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