Friday, July 28, 2017


More flowers from yesterday's walk. Today was a bit warmer and very humid. Looks like some storms are heading our way.

So, I stayed up last night and watched the Senate vote on the 'skinny' healthcare bill. A bill that many Republicans didn't want to actually become law. They were even asking Ryan (House leader) to take the bill to conference and not vote on it as is.  The insurance industry was warning that this bill could destroy the industry! And still the Republicans wanted it about crazy!

But. in the end, with Collins, Murkowski & McCain voting with the Democrats the bill went down. Republicans were not happy campers.

BUT, it seems like Trump couldn't be upstaged so another Friday night dump. This time out goes Reince Preibus the current chief of staff and in goes John Kelly, the new one. Talking heads are warning that Steve Bannon may be next. And of course, who could possible miss Anthony Scaramucci - that's all I'll say about him! If you're keeping track, most of the senior staff positions at the White House are on their second person...but really what else can you expect in this White House.

I am turning off the news after this evening and taking a break. Tomorrow, I pick up Lady J and will be taking her on a long drive. Sunday, more snowflakes and finishing up the bookmarks.

Hope you have a great weekend planned...
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