Monday, August 7, 2017


I took these photos on Friday before going to pick up Lady J. They were in the flower garden in front of my apartment building. I'm getting better at taking close-ups. I really like the pink flower tucked into the greenery. It was the only pink hydrangea in the entire garden. It was below the bush with all the white hydrangeas.

So we picked up Lady J Friday morning. I couldn't believe the difference in how she handled. Much more pick up and clunking as the transmission slipped back down. It was well worth the price and the guarantee is nationwide, 100,000 miles. Can't do much better than that. I am taking her out again tomorrow.

Today I went into Manhattan in the rain for my regular Monday meetings. I also met up with the other person who is helping me plan the holiday party for the quilt guild. It was raining lightly on the way in but when I left, it was raining hard.

I walked down to Union Square, checked out Barnes and Nobles (didn't buy anything!!!!) and then checked out the produce stands which clogged the square. It was raining so hard that I really had a hard time staying dry. But after purchasing some organic, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, I took the subway home to the last stop on the R train, surfaced from the underground and got completely soaked. About the only thing that wasn't totally soaked when I got home was my head and shoulders. It was raining that hard.

I did some more work on my dollhouse cottage. I made a stove, refrigerator and another table. The stove worked but the frig was way out of porportion so I am using it as a linen closet in the bathroom. The new table was too big, so I cut it down and it's now a side table next to the sofa. Check these out...

I wound up liking the original table after I put a new base on it. I still need to make a frig for the kitchen as well as a couple chairs. I like the small side table...more room to put lots of knick-knacks.

Well, that's if for today...
Talk to you later...