Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Today, I've been thinking a lot about how time seems to fly away when the pressing duties of homemaking (adult children no longer live at home) or a job (retired) disappear. Wide open time slots but this time I am responsible for filling up those time slots.

It's probably because of the Julia Cameron book that I am working through (on my second week of the 30 day challenge) where she deals specifically with retired folks. But, I was thinking about how much more I accomplished when the kids were young and at home and I did have a job.

I remember one sociologist musing that the time to accomplish a task adjusts to the amount of time one has to do it. In that case, I guess I am the world's slowest at doing anything because I have so much time to do it.

How about you? Do you find that time seems to slip away unnoticed because you are spending so much time accomplishing chores that used to take you a few moments. Now, if I am spending my time on a creative venture or project, that's one thing. But when it takes me a hour to do dishes...oh my, something has gone awry.

One thing this book has given me is the gift (yes, it is a gift) of organizing my days. I do yoga, I walk a minimum of a mile, many days lots more, I meditate, I spend less time on household things. And that frees me up to read, write and create.

The other thing I do which probably helps is that I turn off the tv and radio, except for music. I am a political junkie and could spend all day watching news channels. I still get a dose of it in the morning, early, at noon and then in the evening. But all day, no more. And I have found that my creative juices and accomplishments have increased several fold. Guess that's what happens with this administration...wears one down considerably.

I did finish my weaving. Photos not too great but the weaving looks wonderful...

I love the jumble of the fabric beads. It reminds one that even living one's life fully, there are many complex issues tugging all the time.

I picked up the wood to make a heddle for the loom. Can't wait to make it and see if the weaving process is a little more even, and faster.

That's all for now, folks...
Thanks for stopping in...
(Foggy out, I can hear the foghorn!)
Talk with you tomorrow...