Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Another cold...well, it is 50...and windy day.  That wind has a cold bite to it.  Even in the sun I needed a jacket.  But, of course, the sun has given way to clouds so it's feels even colder outside.  Tomorrow is the warmest day this week...in the sixties.  Even if it's a windy day it should be a better day to be out and about.

So I think I may run a few errands.  There always seem to be grocery items on the list of things to get.  This week only three.  I am going to try a new grocery store at Five Corners.  I saw their ad yesterday and there are a few things worth checking out.

Speaking of groceries.  Have you noticed how cheap meat and poultry is getting and how expensive vegetables are?  I guess those tariffs that the president put on are elevating the vegetables.  Since we get the majority of them from Mexico, I wonder what shutting down the border will do?

And the meat and poultry?  Well, I wonder if our lack of trade deals with, oh, let's say, China has anything to do with the increased supply there?  I did hear that although there is a surplus right now, that surplus could dry up with the harsh winter we just experienced.

Just thinking...

In an earlier post I talked about my daily to do list.  Right now I am working with two books about starting where you are and getting to where you want to be.  In my case, more done creatively.  Well, both of them dealt with the same thing today...self-doubt and how that can impact a person.

Julia Cameron in It's Never Too Late To Begin Again talked about when your self doubt strikes, the only person who can combat it is you.  And you know, figuratively, where all the skeletons are hid and can really work hard to elevate that self doubt.

Kind of a Catch 22 situation, isn't it?  I am the one self doubting and I am also the one that both fights against self doubt as well as for continuing that self doubt.

Well, today I won out.  One of the reasons I stopped with the story about the quilters is that I was doubting that my story was any good.  I felt really bad about it but that old enemy of self-doubting kept creeping in and telling me that my writing was bad, that no one really wanted to read it, etc., etc., etc.

Today, I sat down and wrote for several hours to continue the story.  And you know what?  I completely lost time while writing.  And it was as if the characters had taken over the story and were dictating to me.

Maybe it was because I had watched the movie about how Dickens wrote the story of Scrooge.  If you haven't seen it, it has it's moments.  Especially when all the characters are in the room clamoring to be heard and the lead character, Scrooge, is doubting that the author, Dickens, can pull it off and finish the story.

Whatever the reason, I really enjoyed my writing and will be posting on a regular basis the adventures of my quilters.

Thanks for visiting today...
See you tomorrow...
'Those April Showers that come your way,
Will bring you flowers that bloom in May.