Monday, April 29, 2019


Isn't that a beautiful dandelion?  I took it outside this afternoon.  The temperature is almost 60 and the sun is shining.  A gorgeous day to be outside.  Course that all changes very soon as rain is forecast for the rest of the week!

So my trip up to Maine really was fast.  Two stops on the way.  One was my favorite place to visit in New Hampshire.
I'll share the fat quarter collections I purchased tomorrow.  None of the pictures of fabric turned out...oh well...I will get the hang of it soon.

We got there, had a very late Ken's of course...
...slept a couple hours, visited with my friends for a couple hours and then turned around and headed for home.  No stops on the way back, except for gas.

So I didn't have any time to take pictures.  The piles of snow lying around were kind of disheartening anyway.  Spring is really late in New Hampshire and Maine.

I recovered on Friday (Sorry about not posting.) And the weekend went by in a blur, of sorts.  I did watch some Tiny House Nation (Love the idea of a tiny house!  Surprised?  Remember I toured the nation for two years in a 19 foot travel trailer!)  And, of course, one of my favorites, Call of the Midwife. 

So today, I am back into my routine of morning pages and exercises plus everything else, including posting on my blog.  While I was cleaning up the kitchen I found a new series to watch on Acorn.  The New Ms Fisher's Mysteries!  I loved the Australian series and so far this one looks like a winner. The star is playing the niece of the original and late Ms. Fisher. 

My Crafter's Devotional theme this morning was stepping out of your comfort zone.  There are times when I do that really well but there are even more times when I stay in my safe zone. 

Stepping out was driving into the city on my own (driving not the problem) and finding a parking garage for my truck (that was the problem). 

Stepping out was visiting the local quilt shop and talking with the owner.  (I'm not very good at that!)

Stepping out was ripping out the Delicate Arch on my southwestern scene and looking for something else to put in it's place (I am thinking of 'Landscape Arch.)

But for the most part I seem to stay in my safe zone...although that may really change when I assume the presidency of the Empire Quilt Guild!!

I mostly like to live in my safe zone.  But lately, I have been thinking that I have taken up residency there far too long.  So, this weekend I began looking for things to do on my Artist's Date besides visiting thrift stores. 

A few things have turned up including a Tea Room (in the local area) and a couple galleries.  Plus there are places back in New England that I want to visit on a regular basis...even overnight.  Still want to meet a blogger in Maine whom I follow.  And I have other friends in Maine that I want to visit.

I just have to motivate myself to get out of my studio and out of my safe zone.  What about you?  Are you a safe zone dweller or do you get out of your way and get out?  Think about it.  Leaving the safe zone occasionally can be very exciting!

Thanks for dropping in...
See you tomorrow...