Wednesday, May 22, 2019


A very busy day today.  I finished getting all the letters to Empire Quilt Guild members who are not on the internet ready to mail.  There are actually quite a few of them.

I finished the quilting of the Southwest Landscape except the sky.  Still wondering what to do there.  I think I will stop by the quilt store and see if they have any suggestions.

And I appliqued everything but the two cats on the cat landscape.  I haven't  attached the cats because I still have to embroider their faces and there I am not having any luck.  Everything I draw just doesn't look good.  As soon as I finish the blog I am going back to the internet and see if I can find cat pictures that may help.

The weather was beautiful.  Sunny, warm but not hot, and no rain.  Talked to my son in Park City where it was snowing!!!

Here's today's Haiku...

The silly season
continues to tickle our
political life.

Didn't you just love Trump's Rose Garden presentation!!!

Hope all is well with you...
See you tomorrow...