Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Today was bright and sunny but quite windy.  I was surfing through the channels and stopped at the Weather Channel.  Wow, the middle of the country sure has been hit with flooding and storms including tornadoes. 

Most of my day was spent on Empire Quilters paperwork.  Somehow I think this position could easily overtake most of my time.  At least until I get a handle on things.  There's lots to do including  IT (Website and social media) and programing.

I have been watching the Chelsea Flower Show, 2019.  The beautiful garden show in England.  I have always wanted to go there.  I actually wanted to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show this year but that didn't work out...there's always hope for next year.

I took time to have some fun with my ATCs...
Bet you can tell what I was influenced by...

And here is today's Haiku:

Finding purpose lets
Discoveries unfold for
One's happy delight

I actually enjoy playing with words. 

So today I took some time to run a couple errands including dropping off donations at the local GoodWill.  They have cleared a lot out.  It has changed quite a bit.  I did find a Rita Mae Brown book to enjoy as soon as I finish the one I picked up a couple weeks ago.

I didn't get anything done with the two landscapes but after I get the 25 letters mailed tomorrow, I will spend the rest of the day working on them.  So far the machine quilting is going well.  I haven't begun the applique but everything is pinned down and I like the design so there should not be any ripping.  Fingers crossed.

Hope your not experiencing bad weather...
If you are, please stay safe...
See you tomorrow...