Monday, June 17, 2019


Well, today I ran some errands early so I was home by eleven.  When I pulled into the yard I was greeted by some deer.  They didn't seem in a hurry to leave even when I opened the truck door.  They just slowly walked away.

The weather was still nice, so I decided that SnowWhite needed a cleaning...on the outside.  Out came the car wash soap, a bucket, some rags and my three step ladder.  Yes, I needed the ladder to wash the top of the cab.  I even needed it to reach the middle of the front.

But it looks bright and shiny...and no mold.  Yes, it has been raining so much and we have so many trees that mold develops. 

Checking my garden the only plant that didn't look great was my dill.  Not sure why but it did seem to be a little drier than the rest of the containers.  So, after I laid down some more cardboard in the fenced area, I watered the dill.  Still doesn't look great but it does look a bit better.  Going to have to keep an eye on that plant.

And where did the large heavy duty cardboard box come from?  Well, one of my sons purchased a weight lifting machine.  It's easy to change the weight so even I can use it.  It took him all day yesterday to put it together, but it looks great and doesn't take up that much room.

I haven't been exercising right now with the one mile workout because I easily walk more working in the yard.  And yard work is employing more muscles than I am used to so needless to say, I am having some fun times with muscle cramps...especially at night.

Here's today's Haiku:
Authentic living
Requires understanding 
Of each one's own love.

I have been neglecting my ATC's the past couple of weeks.  Have to get back to creating one a day...starting tomorrow.

See you tomorrow...