Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Another wild flower taken on the Mirror Lake Scenic Drive.  It was so windy that I had to wait for several minutes before I could actually take this picture.

As promised, I will share more pictures from the drive.  I decided to focus on the waterfalls...

When we got to the top, at almost 11,000 feet, the temperature dropped about twenty degrees...it was actually downright cold!

Today, I am washing clothes, packing, etc.  It's nice to have Duchess to put the overflow in so that SnowWhite is not so cluttered.  I still plan on sleeping in SnowWhite because there are way too many things to move to get to the bed in Duchess.

I won't be blogging until I get back.  So this is my last blog this week.  I will return on Monday.

Until then, I hope all of you are getting ready for fall and enjoying these last warm days.
Take care...
Talk to you on Monday...