Monday, September 16, 2019


Colors Of The Season

When I was driving through the park near me on my way to the guild meeting on Saturday, I was surprised to see three trees already fully dressed in fall colors.  They really stood out among their still green neighbors.  

I checked the fall forecast to make sure that I haven't missed the New England color season and it isn't due for a couple more weeks.  Breathing a sigh of relief because I am going to travel to Bennington, Vermont to check out their museum and I wanted to go when the colors were at their peak.

The Dear Jane Quilt is always on display at the museum in the fall.  But even more importantly to me is the fact that the museum acquired another original by 'Grandma Moses'.  And readers here know that I am totally in love with her work.

So the quilt guild general meeting went on fairly well.  I forgot my reading glasses so I had a hard time reading my notes...totally my fault.  The emergency board meeting went on with only one hitch  basically caused by a non-member who has created more than her share of problems. 

It was a long day.  I left at 7:30 and got home twelve hours later.  It does take about an hour and 15 minutes to get to the church so part of that time was spent on the road.

Yesterday, besides enjoying football (although my Vikings lost) I had a great time making an oven dinner which included:  Chicken, potatoes, stuffing, cornbread pudding and gravy.  Of course, I also cleaned up which wasn't my idea of a fun activity...but it wasn't bad.

This morning, the Learn Something New prompt centered on list making.  I am a list maker.  I don't put the everyday ordinary things like feeding the cats, making my bed, etc.  But I do list things that I want to accomplish.

Take today, I wanted to make sure that all the bills were up to date and paid.  I also wanted to get the fall decorations up.  Well, the financial stuff got done.  But, once again, the guild took up the majority of the day.  So the fall decorating didn't get done.  Hopefully tomorrow.

I hope your weekend plans went on without problems...
And that you had an enjoyable time...
Thanks for stopping by...
Talk with you tomorrow...