Friday, September 13, 2019


I think I finally have everything done for the meeting tomorrow.  Well, everything but the announcements which I told the board I would close and print at 8:30, so I am giving all the members a couple more hours. 

The 'new to me' toner printer is so fast, it will take only a few minutes to run them off.  I actually had a lot of stuff to duplicate, as well as signs to print and laminate, and workshops to get ready.  I sometimes wonder about all of this.  But I think things will settle down to a gentle rush rather than a maniac one!!!

Course, tomorrow's emergency board meeting before the big meeting with everyone will not be one that I will relish...but as I told the board, not all their duties are pleasant ones but they still have to do them.

I went shopping today for kitchen staples...I spent cash rather than on a card just to help me keep track.  I actually was surprised at the total.  I figured it would be over $100 but it was actually only $84 dollars and change.  And I have enough food for the week plus lots of staples like flour.  I need to make another apple cake but was out of flour.  I am also going to reduce the amount of salt.  Think it was too much.

I can't remember if I mentioned this before but last week I went to the Salvation Army Store to check on their used furniture and I brought home a swivel rocker/recliner for only $50.  It's in great condition.  And I was able to take it off the back of the truck and wrangle it into the house myself.   I really needed to because it was raining.

I can see that the leaves are just beginning to get ready to turn and become a beautiful tapestry of color.  They are a bit curled, not much, and you can see a bit of yellow...again not much.  I am looking forward to seeing all the fall colors...all that orange is breathtaking.

Well, I need to finish putting the groceries away...
Have a great weekend...
Talk to you on Monday...