Tuesday, September 24, 2019


The picture is of last year's fall leaves across the street.  The leaves have not turned like this around here yet, and with the 90 degree weather we had the past three days, I wonder when they will turn.

Listening to program on our climate situation, I was sad to hear that unless things change, there will be no fall nor spring...just an abrupt change from summer (heat) to winter (cold).  And fall is my favorite time of year.

I heard a speech on fall turning which resonated with me.  Leaves are always the color they turn to in the fall.  It's just that the chlorophyll disguises the leaves.  Many times what we humans are on the inside is disguised by our outward presentation. 

Am I really compassionate and caring on the inside but present a different face to the world in some attempt to impress someone or prevent someone from knowing who I am?  An interesting question to ponder with my morning pages.  That is, after I have finished with the Learning Something New prompts.

So,  folks who read my blog know that I am a football nut.  Well, we have both Vikings and Packers fans in the household.  So when they are playing at the same time, this is what happens to our living room...
Yup...Vikings on the left, Packers on the right!!!

Well, the current political situation with Trump and the Ukraine just may present a turning point.  What do you think?  I think that this is a bridge too far...a step beyond the pale and it looks like others in political leadership may think that way also.  It will be interesting to see what the speaker has to say after the meeting with her delegates.

I have been crocheting trees for the table centerpieces at the Holiday Party.  I thought that a large green crocheted tree (about a foot high) plus a snowman on some fake snow sounds cute.  I have the trees down, next I need to work on the snowman.

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